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December 22-
January 20

This is a time for self-discovery. Enjoy what you find out about you.
Friends: Dont let a tiff with a pal ruin your week. Itll blow over quickly.
Love: A new crush will evolve into a summer romance.
Cosmic Connection: An older Taurus has some really good advice for you. Take it.
Lucky Day: Thursday "27"


November 23-
December 21

Things seem to be at a stand still in your life. Expect things to change mid-week.
Friends: Bond with your best bud this week after school. Make a scrapbook together.
Love: When is comes to the guy in your life your going to have to read between the lines.
Cosmic Connection: Seek out a new friend in a Taurus stranger.
Lucky Day: Tuesday "25"

January 21-
February 18

Hang out with family this weekend. Theyll support you in this time of need.
Friends: You feel like everyone is mad at you. Take a step back and let things blow over.
Love: Dont waste your time thinking about someone who doesnt even notice you.
Cosmic Connection: Learn some useful school concentration tricks from a Taurus.
Lucky Day: Monday "24"


February 19-
March 20

You're more confident than youve ever been. Ask for exactly what you deserve.
Friends: Dont get upset about a friends problem. Shell be just fine.
Love: Romance is in the air right now. Get ready for some more than just a fling.
Cosmic Connection: A Virgo wants to take you to a movie. Totally accept the invite.
Lucky Day: Friday "28"

March 21-
April 20

Someone you are close to has betrayed your trust. Forgive but dont forget.
Friends: Bring someone new into your crew. Youll all have a blast together.
Love: Hes totally head over heels for you. Do you feel the same way about him?
Cosmic Connection: A Capricorn needs your help organizing a party.
Lucky Day: Saturday "29"

June 22-
July 22

Things do come to those who wait, but not if you dont try to go after them at all.
Friends: A friend needs your shoulder to lean on. She has always been there for you.
Love: He has swept you off your feet, but youre realizing that things have gone to fast.
Cosmic Connection: A Libra has a surprise and you're going to be shocked.
Lucky Day: Thursday "27"

July 23-
August 22

Lack of sleep will cause you to blow things out of proportion. All you need is some good rest.
Friends: You and your gal pals are closer than ever.
Love: A friend will introduce you to a really great guy.
Cosmic Connection: Go get a manicure with a Taurus buddy. You deserve it.
Lucky Day: Friday "28"

April 21-
May 20

Its time to tackle that project youve been putting off for so long. Youll be happy you did.
Friends: Dont give in to temptation to blow off responsibilities and party with pals.
Love: Your new study buddy wants to toss the books aside and cuddle with you.
Cosmic Connection: A Libra teaches you how to have more confidence in yourself.
Lucky Day: Wednesday

May 21-
June 21

Youve been feeling really lazy. Get yourself back on track with a health kick.
Friends: An artsy friend asks you to help her project. Youll find yourself a new hobby.
Love: Your man is not your soul mate. Break things off before he gets more attached.
Cosmic Connection: Hang with a fellow Gemini who exudes totally positive energy.
Lucky Day: Sunday

August 23-
September 22

Dont mind that pesky guy at school. He actually just has a crush on you.
Friends: Dont mind that pesky guy at school. He actually just has a crush on you.
Love: Get ready for some sparks to fly with that guy in your class.
Cosmic Connection: An Aries will show you how to do something youve never done.
Lucky Day: Tuesday "25"

September 23-
October 23

Dont shy away from a great opportunity. You can be flexible.
Friends: Treat a friend to an ice cream cone. That'll help cheer her up.
Love: An argument will actually show you how much you care about each other.
Cosmic Connection: A Leo has a funny story to share with you.
Lucky Day: Sunday "23"

October 24-
November 22

Try the get up the nerve to apologize to someone you've been in a fight with.
Friends: One of your "friends" is trying to trick you. Be aware of his/her actions
Love: Go to that party this weekend. Youll meet two guys you could really like.
Cosmic Connection: A Leo helps you sort out your romantic feelings.
Lucky Day: Saturday "29"

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