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Now we all know that everyone visiing this site
has to own atleast one boyband CD ,Right?????

Ok, Now boybands go down a long way from Menudo,New kids On The Block ,to Backstreetboys ,N'sync ,O-town, and many more.
On this page you get to dis and make good coments about your favorite boyband or the boyband you just can't stand
We figured we needed to add some page where people could start fights , Hopefully you guys like it .

I'll put a few new entries every time i update my page so that you can see if someone made a coment replieing to yours.The entries will never be erased so you can always come back and see what you said.

To enter an entry all you guys have to do is click on the feedback button below to say somethin about a boyband .
And remember you can enter as many entries as you want nad you can sya whatever you want to say here .
BUt atleast try to be alittle nice about it.

get this gear!

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